October 15, 2008

How do you prepare for 27 months in Africa...

...by bringing A TON of stuff

For so long it seemed like I was never going to leave. And now all of a sudden I'm leaving in three weeks. I started packing...well not really. I've just been gathering all my 'stuff,' but there's A LOT of it. (see picture)

Did you know you can fly with knives?!? Well I'm bringing about 5--take that Bear Grylls!! I'm also pre-treating my clothes with military strength bug deterrent (not shown, haha). Then, I have 3 LED headlamps (picture of me wearing headlamp coming soon), a crank-powered shortwave radio, a solar charger, a solar-powered water purifier, and an INSANE amount of medicines (c'mon, a doctor's daughter leaving the country for 2 years--what did you expect?).

And, with the help of Clark and Jason, I made a Before-I-Go-To-Do list:

In N Out
Panda Express
Korean BBQ
Golden Spoon
Sushi Wasabi
Rowland Heights Dim Sum
Melting Pot
Osteria La Buca

Mini Golf
Dinosaur Video Viewing Party
Laser Tag
Simpsons Arcade Game
Pro/College Football Game

-the ironic thing is I said I would never get pregnant because then I wouldn't be able to eat sushi for 9 months.... well, maybe not ironic, but you know what I mean.

October 4, 2008

Contact Info and Wishlist

**Because of reader feedback, I have decided to remove my huge list of books and instead create a wishlist on Amazon.com, so you can check off what you buy. Also I think Amazon is the cheapest. SEE LINK TO THE LEFT!!

So I will be leaving for the Gambia from Philadelphia in exactly one month from tomorrow. Soon this blog will be filled with funny anecdotes and pensive observations, but for now, it's just my address and a wish list. So, please write to me:

Marnie Florin, PCT
U.S. Peace Corps
PO Box 582
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa

OR SEND ME STUFF!! It's true, I haven't left yet and already I'm telling you what to send me. But, take into consideration that it takes a month to receive packages. So if you send something tomorrow, I will get it right when I arrive and feel very happy.

Things I would love to receive:
Kashi Bars
Teriyaki Beef Jerky or Nuggets (don't judge, they're delicious)
Dried foods

Label the green customs forms with "school supplies," "religious materials," "food," "personal health supplies" etc. DO NOT write down anything valuable (like batteries, solar radio, etc.) even if they are in the box. You can use generic terms like "electronics."
**Thanks to Leslie and Ryan