November 13, 2008


eating food with hands, what I will be doing AND LOVING for the next 10 weeks/2 years ENORMOUS SPIDER- that is my hand
The Tiny Man Crew (TMC as we affectionately call them) these three little boys running around pantsless in a reptile farm (ie. the most dangerous place in the world for children to be running loose)



Whitney said...

super easy way to call marnie:

all you need is a credit card and her phone number. you can program in your phone number (and others if you wanna call from a land line too). then you can set up speedial #'s so that you don't even have to dial marnie's crazy long number each time you wanna call ... then add pingo's 800 number into your phone (i have it labeled as marnie so that i feel like i'm actually calling her directly). it's so easy. you just dial the number and then hit 1# and it calls marnie. you don't have to bother with a phone card and memorizing her number...i spoke to her today and the quality was pretty good, except for the delay. she sounds so happy. she says she gets reception everywhere and you can call her whenever you want.

Melissa said...

That beach looks amazing and those boys are adorable.. I'm glad you're having so much fun! I love you!