December 20, 2008

I am here only!

side note: Akon's nobody wanna see us together is now playing for the second time in about 10 minutes in the internet cafe here. THEY LOVE AKON HERE.

YO GUYS! You may have noticed the non-sounding run-on sentences random-rambling tone of the last post- thats because whitney so nicely volunteered to transcribe a blog entry while we chatted on the phone. THANKS SHWI!! Oh, but my family's last name here is DABO, not davo. That's the only correction.

So I'm getting internet now for the first time in about 6 weeks... its glorious, except no one is on aim or gchat, which is unfortunate. ANYWAY, things are really great here. Although there are definitely some scary moments (emotionally, not physically, everything here is really safe and nothing is scary-- except maybe the HUGE spiders in my room and lots of bees and grasshoppers flying at my face--but other than that, it is really safe) I am generally happy and loving life. I did get bit on the neck by a big ant last night though.

It helps that the food here is really fantastic. For breakfast I get a loaf of bread, which varies in freshness, or NICE crackers which are tasty. I had been eating the bread with parmesan cheese every day, but I ran out. SO SEND ME SOME KRAFT PARM!! Now i put peanut butter on the bread, which is quite tasty and there is a lot of it here. Dinner and lunch is usually delicious rice and sauce with potatoes and maybe chicken or fish. And after dinner I will lay outside with my sister on a mat, last night I fell asleep for awhile. It's fantastic. My family here is amazing. I got such a great greeting when I got back from our technical training week. Also I get my hair braided a lot, which i know a lot of you will find funny.

-OMG, the song playing right now is like a monotone- cell phone ring tone of sean paul- baby boy. And it was really short, so I think that's actually what it was.

Um... So I move to my permanent site in 2-3 weeks. I'm really sad to be leaving my family and the only thing that makes me happy at all is knowning that cold-ish beers are sold about 3k from my village. Ok, that's a lie, I'm happy to be starting work and everything, but I just love my family and training village so much that it makes me really sad to even imagine leaving.

I'm trying to think of some specific funny stories, but there aren't any ones i can think of right now. Life in general is pretty funny. I especially love to say things in English that I know no one can understand and then laugh to myself- ie. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL YOU ARE SAYING RIGHT NOW! So that's about all for now I guess. Oh, my 13-yr old brother sings the song, 'I like to move it, move it.' and my 16-yr old brother has a mandy moore shirt with the letters in hebrew-like writing, which I find really funny.

OK, thats all from me. I LOVE YOU ALLL SOOO MUCH!! and I think about you all the time!! MORE SOON!!


Anonymous said...

Marnie, I love reading the blog, keep on keepin' on. My favorite part of this entry is when you wrote: "I especially love to say things in English that I know no one can understand and then laugh to myself"

LOL Marnie I could see you doing this. Keep up the good spirit!


megat said...

your blog very beautiful and more info,I like your blog

Tawny said...

marrrn i loove ya!! it sounds like you are having a good time! lauren ad i will visit!!

Melissa said...

Your blog is the funnest this in my life right now. I miss you and hope the rest of your time there is as amazing. I'm goign to the store NOW to find a calling card. I'll talk to you soon!

Whitney said...

dabo huh? well sorrrrrryyyyyyy.