January 25, 2009

Here goes nothing...

I leave tomorrow to start life as an official Peace Corps Volunteer. Which means no more paninis, chinese food, ice cream bars, twix, hamburgers, movies and internet (which I've been using for almost 5 hours every other day, enough to almost make it seem like I am not in Africa). I'm actually going to be communicating through snail mail again and I'm pretty excited for it. I'm hoping to get some fun letter-writing chains started. Like I said, I vow to write back every letter I receive. So C'MON! WRITE ME A LETTER!!

Other than that, I don't have much more to say. I'm pretty excited slash secretly soooo nervous to go back. But I'm able to not think about it by not allowing myself to think about anything except the next 10 minutes. It's basically the same way I didn't allow myself to think about leaving for the Peace Corps at all before I left (maybe living life in the present is all about denial?). And that worked out pretty well, minus my nervous breakdown during the first two days. But this time I have friends to call/text and I know what to expect, so I'm not too worried.

Mostly, I'm just hoping the kankoran/male circumcision season is over by now. Because my limping around with one crutch isn't going to get me anywhere quickly if the kankoran should come while I'm, say, pumping water or washing clothes. Here's hoping he takes pity on the crippled white girl!

Here's my address again:
Marnie Florin, PCV
U.S. Peace Corps
PO Box 582
Banjul, The Gambia
West Africa

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Ki said...

Too funny! Best of luck, grace, blessings, peace and everything else. Can you not go to Sams or Costco and get a good supply of twix to take with you? lol.