January 12, 2009


Yo, so the latest development here is that I fell Saturday night, fractured my foot and am getting a cast tomorrow. Which means I will most likely be stuck in the capital for 3 more weeks, when everyone else is going back to site on Friday. The good: I can eat delicious food, get internet, watch movies and take a shower these next few weeks. The bad: all that doesn't really matter since I am immobile and can't get anywhere. At least until I can crutch out to the street and take cabs... so yeah.
But I still swear in on Wednesday. Karaoke on crutches should be interesting, haha. Oh, and I took my final Mandinka test on Saturday and, along with one other person, got the highest score of the group- Advanced low. So I was pretty happy. That's all, I gotta run so I can get a ride home and not crutch back. LOVE YOU ALL!! Thanks for all the comments, letters, calls, everything. You guys are really making things so great for me! THANK YOU!!

After being here a few months, I've re-evaluated my package list. I JUST WANT FOOD!! Here goes:
Kashi Bars (chocolate caramel karma)
Kraft Parmesan Cheese
Chewy Chips Ahoy
Flaming Hot Cheetos
Pringles (sour cream and onion, pizza)
Baking mix (pancake mix, chocolate chip mix, anything like that)

**I vow to write letters back to everyone that writes me one. So write me a letter.


Geoffrey said...

I can't believe you broke it! Marnie... be careful on Wednesday =) Love you!

Anonymous said...

Marnie! You're a gimp, just like me! hahaha Keep your head up, vegging out isn't as bad as it sounds ;)