January 14, 2009


These first pictures are from the swear-in ceremony today at the ambassador's house

Ida, me, Adam and Haddy (who I just call hottie). They are a few of the language teachers we had and just generally amazing people

My entire training group. The health people had matching fabric and the Ag-fos also had matching fabric.

Adrian, erin, me and jes... check the cast

Another fantastic shot of me in the cast withCass

My health group in our matching outfits

Now some more pictures from training village that forgot about:
Me with a baby goat. They're the cutest. Also, note the bandage on my arm...

...From when i fell bike riding. it has since healed nicely

In front of my house at training village

They like to write phone numbers on the walls of houses, if you look under that smear you can see my phone number

Kasey, me and Lizzy Lizzy

Me and 1/3 of the tiny man crew with... MY NALGENE


Brought to you by K.Hata & Tambs said...

Marnie!! Only you would have to get a cast a crutches in Africa! LMAO!! I love reading your blog and I'm so happy that you're doing something great for our world! For that I am truly jealous. lol. Looks like you're having a great time and I love your outfit! A true soul sistah...hahah! Okay, well I will be sure to write a letter to you soon! Until then, take care my dear...and no more injury accidents! Be safe!

Love, Tamby

Anonymous said...

Marn, the pictures look amazing. Post more, more, more!