March 8, 2009


I know I have talked a lot about the kankoran, and now you can see him (actually, there's two of them) in all his glory. Pretty frightening outfit, huh?? And yes, at the end that is us running away from them.


A slightly scarier kankoran video, note the machete, not sure if you can hear his creepy scream. Thank god circumcision season is over!

So this is some dancing that went down in my village the other day. Any events like these they call, "programs." Its pretty funny, I don't really know why. But anyway, this is EXTREMELY SCANDALOUS dancing. The fact that these girls are shaking their butts inches away from this guy playing the drums and lifting up their shirts is insane because directly flirting with a man is in no way condoned, women aren't even show their knees. So anyway, I was initially appalled, but clearly as soon as I got used to it I jumped in and shook my ass. The girl in blue happens to be my host sister.

**Also, its always awkward when I look down and realize that I'm white and everyone around me is black. I always forget just how much I stand out.

More scandalous dancing! I tried to zoom in and adaquately capture the ass shaking, but people could see my camara screen and I thought the people around me would think it was weird.


wg said...

LOVED THE VIDEOS. Keep 'em coming! Would esp. love one starring the Marniesaur. xox

Whitney said...

i know! i was thinking that too. i kept waiting for you to hand the camera over to your friend and jump in and start dancing with them. i'm impressed with your host sister's moves.

more videos please!!