April 3, 2009


So this is a little walk-thru of my house:

This is a video of my 15-yr old sister Mamatida, who is SOOO strong carrying a FULL enormous bucket and pouring it out into a jibida:

Just a walk around town:

Bru-bru, which is the burning of stray hairs after braiding, I've had it done to my head a few times. The talking on it basically consists of me and Meeta (the one doing the burning) making fun of Dobally for being a wimp, and noting that even I put up with it better than her:

Pictures with the fam


Tawny said...

marrn!! love the house tour!! looks like you are doing well :) and i love the parts where i could hear you speak their language!

Moffetown said...

I'm loved the video of you just walking around like your totally part of the community. I'm so impressed that you can speak the language, and interact so effortlessly!

Margaux said...

LOVE the videos and very impressed with how fluent you seem to be! when i heard your voice though it made me sad and miss you more :(

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Tour Marnie!