August 14, 2009


Do you ever read my blog and feel guilty about all the starving kids in Africa? Well
here's your chance to help!


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I have been working for the past six months with a nearby women's group to write a grant for money to fence off a garden and dig wells. These women are among the most dedicated and hard-working people I have met in this country.

As a community, they will supply hours of unskilled labor and all of the local materials, but it is nearly impossible for Gambians to gather enough money to build quality fences and wells. But, you can help these women generate income and provide their family with nutritious food at a relatively cheap cost by American standards--less than $4,000.

Any amount of money you'd be willing to donate would be greatly appreciated by me and the village. You can rest assured that your money will NOT be wasted on middle men or any government bureaucracy. It goes straight to me and will be entirely spent on materials and labor for this garden. And I will be sure to post pictures and updates as the project gets underway.

I know all of you are busy, but it will only take 5 minutes. So please click the link below to read more about the project and donate using a credit or debit card. And please, whether or not you can donate at this time, forward this link to anyone you think might be interested in donating.