October 22, 2009

Updated package wish list!!!

*Haha, and I thought this was the end all, be all list. I took out PB, it's widely available here, not sure why I wrote that, and added tuna and chicken packets, raisins and craisins, and anything Kashi (I EAT RAISINS NOW, can you believe it?!)

This is for those of you who have been asking me what to send in a package... and also for those of you that haven't been asking. As for those of you that already have sent me letters and packages, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

This list is entirely comprehensive. You never need to send anything to me that isn’t on this list and I would like to get everything on this list all the time.

-Tuna Packets
-Chicken Packets
-Freeze dried meals/just add water-- pasta ones
-Freeze dried desserts/just add water-- not fruity ones, ha.
-Dried fruits-- apricots, mangos, peaches, raisins, craisins
-Sun-dried tomatoes
-Good nuts-- cashews, pistachios, almonds etc. (Just no peanuts!)
-Trail mix
-Fruit leather
-Salami-types that don't really need to be refrigerated
-Parmesan cheese!!!
-Teriyaki jerky
-Bacon bits, the more real the better, or even pre-cooked bacon that doesn't actually require refrigeration
-No-bake Jello pudding or cheesecake mix
-Any and all bars-- Kashi, Luna, Cliff... anything
-Drink mixes-- Crystal Light, Gatorade, etc.
-Emergen-C and Airborne
-Kashi Go-Lean cereal (not crunch)
-Anything by Kashi
-Spaghetti sauce packets, like Knorr, or Asian sauce mixes

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nadia.ayloush said...

I had 2 lovely packetd of Terriyaki beef jerky sitting in my cupboard waiting to be sent to you and I walk into my house and find my boyfriend eating them! i tiny set back but i promise something will be on it's way soon. I'm a terrible friend. Miss you and love you! I'm glad you like more food now!