November 14, 2009

Garden pictures!

This is a few members of my women's group checking out the seeds I brought back from the capital, Banjul.

This is a picture of the garden before anything really got done. A couple fence posts set up.

The woman on the left is Alonso, the group's president. Unfortunately her last name is Jabbi, not Martinez. (Note: The barbed wire fence in the background, look at how much progress was made from the above picture in just a few weeks).

Some of the kids moving logs.

The process of well building. They build the cement rings first and then lower them in. Who knew?

The tractor we hired to plough the land

More tractor action.

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wgflorin said...

I'm so proud of you and the women in your group! Aren't you glad that you now eat veggies? Hugs & kisses, Mom xoxo