December 9, 2010

baby pictures

Baby Mahana!
Kumba and baby Mahana at the hospital
Right after bringing the baby home. (There are three sisters: Kumba, Fanta and Hamina, the boy checking out the baby is Hamina's son Asi)

Me, Kumba and the baby later that night (see the sweatshirt? it's actually getting cold here)

The family and me. From left to right: Hamina (the other sister and mother of Asi), Baby Mahana, Me, Sarjo (their mom), Fanta and Kumba
Mahana (me) and Mahana (baby)

The sisters and me. Aren't they so beautiful?? From left to right: Kumba, Hamina, Me (like it was hard to pick me out), Fanta

My two namesakes! Fanta (not related to Kumba's sister Fanta) and her baby Mahana, next to Kumba and her newborn baby Mahana

My other namesake, baby Mahana (she was actually the first Mahana of the three)


bbs said...

Wow! All of you are so beautiful. Congratulations on your newest namesake.

Safe journey home, Mahana! I hope to see you soon.

~Mrs. Sprague

wgflorin said...

Mahana will soon be the most popular name in Bantanto! The babies are beautiful and so are you. Safe passage, my baby. Can't wait to give you a big hug. xoxo Mom